App Developer’s “Chicken or the Egg”

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The situation goes like this…
“I have developed a great mobile app, but no-one knows it exists so I am not making any revenue”
“I do not have any revenue from my app to invest in marketing so no-one knows it exists”
See the problem?
I've seen this exact situation time and time again, developers feel lost in an endless loop, a cycle of no users and no revenue…
I even had one app developer TODAY email me and acknowledge it was “A chicken or the egg problem”
So how does one solve this problem?
There's an easy answer, there is one definitive way to solve this problem and one way alone…
Introducing a 3rd variable, Investment.
On the farm what came first a chicken or the egg? Investment, investment in that first egg OR chicken to populate the farm.
So how does an app with no users and therefore no revenue get both?
Simple, invest in a way to bring in users and the revenue will follow.
Reinvest, rinse, repeat & you have a business!
The longer you wait to introduce that 3rd variable, the longer you'll stay stuck in an endless loop of no users or revenue.
Don't get stuck waiting for the chicken or the egg! Go out there and introduce your own variable!
Let's all crush it this week! 🙂

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